Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Getting pregnant with PCOS is something that rarely happens but it can be experienced by you even if you have hormonal imbalance or other health disorder as long as you always tried to keep your health condition with the correct and appropriate treatment. This treatment could reverse the syndrome and improve your health condition until you get normal ovulation, success for the conception and then get healthy pregnancy.

You have to believe that getting pregnant with PCOS is not impossible after following a healthy lifestyle guidelines described in articles below.

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

PCOS is the acronym of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom. This is a hormonal condition in women with the number of androgen hormones exceed normal limits. In women’s body, androgen is used for estrogen formation. So women with PCOS usually experience acne and excessive hair growth.

PCOS can be related to some disease like weight gain problem, diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance and several reproduction problems like endometriosis, irregular or lack of ovulation and also irregular or absence of menstruation.

This condition will be very serious problem when women are trying to get pregnant. Excess androgen and estrogen hormone in women with PCOS can cause fertility problems. This imbalance hormonal can be lead ovulation disorder, that is disrupt the process of maturation and release of eggs in the ovary.

If the ovaries cannot work normally to release the eggs to reproduction, this means that the process of ovulation does not take place. That’s why the women with PCOS may difficult to get pregnant. Besides that, because of this problem, the menstrual periods are not regular.

If women suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, there is the formation of cysts (fluid-filled sacs) in one or both of their ovaries. Many of women with PCOS have an enlarged ovary with size of one half to three times larger than normal ovaries.

This condition causes the women difficult to get pregnant or reduced their chance to getting pregnant. Pregnancy can be obtained when suffering from PCOS, but this pregnancy had a greater risk for premature labor. 

Some studies reported that the root cause of PCOS is insulin resistance which can lead to excess of androgen formation which is happened due to elevated of insulin. (Read complete article about it here)

Insulin resistance also interfere the absorption of glucose in blood which can increase blood sugar level. This condition can lead other disease like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Symptoms of PCOS

Detection of PCOS and other anovulatory problems is not easy, because so often women who have anovulation are still undergoing regular periods. Generally the women know that they had this problem after they started trying to getting pregnant. Since this time they begin to do the detection of ovulation.

In addition, some women who suffer from PCOS do not experience specific symptoms. This is because the symptoms of PCOS-like signs that the menstrual periods will come. They may be only experience one or a few of the following symptoms.

Here are the most common symptoms of PCOS are: acne, oily skin or dandruff, chronic pelvic pain, discomfort in the lower abdomen, breast tenderness, nausea or vomiting, headaches, fatigue etc.

There are also specific symptoms which some of women with PCOS do not experience these symptoms are: irregular menstrual periods, spotting or bleeding on the uterus, weight gain or obesity, excess of hair growth on facial or body, increased blood pressure etc.

How to Diagnose PCOS?

The specific symptoms above may indicate the presence of hormonal disorder. Some doctors may give a diagnosis after a woman showed at least three PCOS symptoms.  The first, the cysts are diagnosed by a vaginal ultrasound. Next, blood tests may be advised to measure cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose levels. In addition, the evaluation of hormone levels like testosterone and insulin also needs to be done.

PCOS Treatment

Some references and even several doctors say that the cause of PCOS is not certain. As mentioned above, some study states that the root cause of PCOS is insulin resistance. Other studies are also announced that PCOS is caused by genetic predisposition, the lifestyle or hormonal imbalances (excess of androgen and estrogen production).

They agree that PCOS cannot be cured but it can be managed with medical treatment or natural treatment. The treatment will do depends on the goal from the patient.

Especially for you as women who want to get pregnant, natural treatment can help you to increase your overall health so you are becoming pregnant naturally at any age as long as you still ovulate. Below I will show you outline of step by step way to improve your fertility and then get normal ovulatory cycles. You just need treatment to control your PCOS and then improve your chance to conceive a healthy baby. Since you get pregnant, the ovarian cysts will be gone naturally.

If you want complete information, you have to read “The Getting Pregnant Plan” EBook from Michelle Adams that can be guidelines if you want to get pregnant although you had diagnosed suffers from PCOS and even if you are in your late age, at 40 or 50 years old! You can still get pregnant naturally at any age. This is an E Book that contains step by step what you and your partner have to do, so that you can get pregnant even though with all the health problems you are facing. She will give you detail information about healthy lifestyle that can lead you to have healthy reproductive system.

But if you just want to remove the cyst on your ovary and then get hormonal balance condition and reverse your PCOS, you can learn EBook from Laura Hennings "Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets". This book is contains guides to clear your cyst from your ovary without surgery, absolutely with natural ways that you can do from your home. So you can have health condition with no risks to other disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, infertility, etc.  This EBook also gives you detail information if you want to increase your fertility and then getting pregnant naturally. 

As mentioned before, there are some kinds of PCOS treatment. It is important to know: What is the goal of the treatment? So you can get a proper diagnosis to receive appropriate treatment. We will discuss about PCOS treatment both medically and naturally.

Medical PCOS Treatment to woman who does not want to get pregnant: Doctor will give her birth control (oral contraceptive) pills as the best progesterone replacement so she gets regular menstruation cycle. Besides that she is also get prescribed other hormonal medication to reduce androgen level.

Medical PCOS Treatment to woman who wants to get pregnant: Doctor will give Clomid to stimulate the ovaries to release the mature eggs when ovulate happen. Actually it does not really the treatment for PCOS, it just helps in establishing normal ovulation. If it does not work properly, doctor will suggest ovarian drilling by laparoscopic surgery to stimulate ovulation. It may be the most effective way to help women to get ovulation regularly, but we need high cost (about $2000) to do laparoscopic surgery.

Medical PCOS Treatment to women with PCOS and insulin resistance: Doctor will prescribe her metformin which help to control blood sugar level and also to improve insulin sensitivity.

However some studies have reported that medical PCOS treatment as conventional treatment has several side effects, as if women who take Clomid are often experience nausea, mood swings and abdominal cramps. Even about 30% of women get more serious side effects like HFM (hostile fertile mucous), condition of cervical mucus that become too thick so sperm cannot penetrate to cervix. It may prevent conception. Other undesirable effects to women who taking clomid that may occur are uterine lining thinning. This condition can decrease the possibility of implantation and can lead to early miscarriage.

One study at 2006 was concluded that Birth control pills as medical treatment for irregular menstrual periods can increase insulin resistance. This condition makes the worse to your PCOS. Even though these side effects do not always occur in every woman, this report makes most women with PCOS so worry.

Healthy Diet to Manage PCOS and Improve Your Fertility

Some experts suggest to women with PCOS to apply natural treatment that more effective to manage PCOS from the root cause, mainly if the problem was caused by wrong lifestyle or hormonal imbalances. Huber Buchholz et al. say that the changes in lifestyle to women with PCOS that can lose body weight will make their menstrual cycles be normal and can improve their fertility. Healthy lifestyle that can manage PCOS is included healthy diet and moderate exercise. Healthy diet also has benefit on carbohydrate metabolism which can improve insulin sensitivity until about 70%. Francesco Giallauria, M.D., Ph.D et al. that have conducted research about diet and exercise for women who have PCOS have find a conclusion that diet and exercise have good effect to glucose metabolism and hyper androgenism of these women.

Healthy diet for PCOS has a specific goal that it can manage your PCOS then improve your fertility and increase your chances to becoming pregnant. When you suffer from PCOS, there are many problems that happen in your body like insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. It is a big problem for your ability to conceive because this condition can prevent maturation of the egg in the ovary so the absence of normal ovulation will happen.

Miscarriage also more likely experienced by women with insulin resistance is about 4-5 times than women without this problem, because imbalance of insulin level make embryo so hard to be attached properly to the uterus. Insulin resistance also can cause type 2 diabetes which very dangerous to pregnant women.

Now we can make conclusion that you have to manage PCOS while you are trying getting pregnant. It is a serious matter to change your diet to a healthy diet for PCOS and fertility then you will get a healthy pregnancy.


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