ovarian cyst removal

How To Ovarian Cyst Removal Naturally

Ovarian Cyst Removal with Surgery

Ovarian cyst removal is required if the cyst have diameter larger than 5 centimeter and it is suspected as cancer (it is lower possibility in premenopausal women). In fact, the ovarian cyst is benign and harmless. If you have a planning to remove your ovarian cyst with surgery, you have to know the possible complication which may be happened. Side effects is rare but there is nothing procedure without risk.

Besides that, surgical treatment does not resolve the root cause of the problem. It just has purpose to remove the ovarian cyst from the ovary, not to eliminate PCOS disease. So there is possibility that the ovarian cysts still have chance to present again.

Women who trying getting pregnant with PCOS may have to do natural treatment for remove the cyst on their ovary. Surgical treatment like ovarian drilling (laparoscopic procedure) is better to avoided if the women are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Ovarian Cyst Removal Naturally

There are some treatment to remove the ovarian cyst naturally, either use herbal medicine or with diet and exercise. Because it has no side effects in addition to the fact that it addressed to the root cause of PCOS. Moreover almost of all ovarian cysts is formed as functional cyst, they will disappear without any treatment. They just need the balance of hormonal and the normal of metabolism in body.

The imbalance of hormones cause the ovulation (the process of release of the egg from the ovary) is failed. If the ovulation is not occured, there is no corpus luteum which is formed after follicle on the ovary release an egg. Corpus luteum produces progesterone hormone, which suppress further ovulation process on the follicle and then prepare a cushion lining on the uterus for arrival of a fertilized egg. If this hormone was not present, the brain give signals the ovaries to continue carry out the ovulation process. This condition will increase estrogen hormone level. The ovary will be larger and the follicles inside it not to be shrink. If it happened continuously, the ovarian cyst will start be formed.

It is important to understand that the direct cause of ovarian cyst is imbalance of hormone level, where is the hormone level of progesterone lower than estrogen. If the hormone level is restored to normal for few of menstrual cycles, the ovarian cyst usually will shrink and disappear naturally.

Success Rate Ovarian Cyst Removal

There is studies which has reported that ovarian drilling has a success rate in an 80% ovulation and 50% pregnancy but other study has shown that the surgery results a success rate of less than 50% and also has the long term side effect which we are not known.

Ovarian cyst removal naturally requires discipline and consistency attitude to follow the exercise and PCOS healthy diet correctly. The natural treatments which have goals to correct the hormone imbalance and help to restore the fertility with weight loss diet and exercise are the right ways to ovarian cyst removal naturally. 

How nutrition in the healthy diet affects the hormone imbalance and how exercise affects the ovarian cyst are explained clearly in Laura Hennings’s E Book “Natural Ovarian Cysts Relief Secrets”. She also gives the very important solution to eliminate the ovarian cysts if the women unable to follow the diet correctly and there are other factors which affect the effort to ovarian cyst removal.


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I am 18yrs old.i hav pcos problem and thyroid too.i have irregular period.please help me out from this problem.because i am gaining my weight rapidly...
Dear Pratu..We are very sorry you are having to deal with these problem. But dont worry, there are natural treatment that can help improve your overall health. You must follow healthy diet, regular exercise and avoid stress. Beside it does not make your problem to be worse, It have no side effect. You should do this with discipline and consistency.

Hi...i hav cyst prob from 2 years...my face now hav unwanted hair and imbalance period cycle...kindly tell how to get ur book or how to remove cyst ..i m 25 and unmarried...plz help me out
Hi Faria, I hope you can solve your problem soon. Please visit http://betterinfo4you.com/ovary to get Ebook about Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets

I am 30 yrs old,married in may2013.trying for baby ,due to pcod problem unable get pregnant.since from that day taking suggestion from doctor but no result.please give me solution.i have subcentric peripherally arranged cycst in both ovaries.
dear Rany,I suggest you ask the obstetrician about your cyst condition, size and malignancy, is soon to be removed or not. If you feel worried with surgery, you better try to follow the rules that exist in the E book "Natural Ovarian cyst Relief Secrets" written by Laura Hennings. I wish that it can help you solve your problems Rany..

Hai i have this problem since 7 months.. this information will very useful to me....
Hi Lallusha..thank you for your visit and I hope you can overcome to your problem and always get the goodness.


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